Alcohol Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Women who drink could become more susceptible to breast cancer. This is the outcome of nearly 65 studies published, gathered and summarized relating alcohol to breast cancer risks.

Researchers were able to come up with the result by analyzing data gathered from women participants that consume alcohol. All other factors that affect breast cancer risks were taken into consideration, such as age, family history, diet, and smoking habits in the analysis of their findings.

breast cancer and alcoholResults showed that alcohol may have an independent and direct effect in developing breast cancer regardless of the other risk factors of the disease. Scientists though are still continuing their studies on the subject, incorporating lifestyle and personal characteristics in the relationship between alcohol and breast cancer.

Reports have also been noted as to the amount of alcohol consumed that could trigger risks of breast cancer in women. When a woman drinks at least 2 to 5 drinks in a day, breast cancer risks could increase by about 40% more compared to non-drinkers. This information is very vital as women with a family history of breast cancer, without considering the alcohol factor, already have increased risks of up to 50% for the disease.

The period when a woman started drinking is also considered in understanding risks of the deadly disease. It is said that drinking before the age of 30 can increase risks of breast cancer rather than present drinking habits. Yet there are some reports that also support current drinking patterns as the main reason why breast cancer risks dramatically go up.

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