Keep Minors Away from Alcohol this Holiday Season

Parties and celebrations are everywhere during the holiday season. It can’t be denied that these events almost always involve alcohol. This is where adults should become responsible to keep minors away from alcohol during the holiday celebrations.

If you are hosting the party, you must keep your young and adult guests safe. To do this, here are some suggestions:

keep alcohol away from minorsa. Have a strategic area where alcoholic beverages will be placed and make it off limits to minors.

b. Even if it will cost you more, get a bartender to serve drinks to your guests. The bartender will not only keep minors from alcoholic beverages, he could also check and limit how much your adult guests drink. By doing this, you are also helping your friends to be a lot safer on the road.

c. Be vigilant during the party and make sure minors are sober throughout the event. Watch out for unattended alcoholic drinks as they can be easily picked up by kids. Dispose any unfinished drink and collect all left-over drinks.

d. If any minor is caught drinking, call the attention of the parents concerned and have them pick up the child.

As a guest, you too can do your part in keeping teens away from alcohol. If you’re in a gathering, don’t encourage teen drinking and never allow kids to have even a sip of any alcoholic beverage. You should also never leave your own drink unattended at any time during the party. If you ever get a glimpse of a minor having a drink, immediately tell your host or hostess about it.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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