6 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Parties Safe

The holidays usher in a number of celebrations and events to spread the holiday cheer. During parties and gatherings of friends and family, alcohol becomes a big part of the event. If you can’t help having some in your own party, you could at least ensure that your guests are safe and away from the risks of figuring in alcohol-related accidents.

Here are some ways suggested by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information on how to keep your holiday parties safe for you and your guests:

party drinking1. Once you get the event rolling, have some games and activities that will require the participation of everybody. This will at least keep your guests’ minds off the alcohol.

2. Food should be abundant to avoid having guests drink on empty stomachs. Alcohol’s potency can increase on people who drink without food intake. Avoid salty foods too as this could make them thirsty.

3. Do not let children serve alcoholic drinks nor allow minors to consume alcoholic beverages. Never mix alcohol to any drink that kids might consume. As much as possible, you must keep alcoholic beverages away from carbonated drinks or fruit juices that kids can have.

4. An hour before your party ends, control or minimize the amount of alcohol you serve. It would be better if you absolutely stop giving your guests alcohol at this time.

5. Have a list of cab companies in your area so that guests who are too drunk to drive can take a cab home. You may also offer to drive them home if you are not intoxicated yourself.

6. If there should be anybody in the group who insists on driving despite being obviously too drunk to do so, seek the help of other guests to get some sense into him. If this doesn’t work, you can temporarily disable their car, or you can ask for police intervention.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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