Substance Abuse Highest in Native Americans, Lowest in Asian Teens

A new study has claimed that they have uncovered who abuses drugs most from among the different teen groups in the society.

teen substance abuseProfessor of Psychiatry from Duke University Dr. Dan Blazer, who also authored the study, said that it is important to accept that many teens abuse drugs, and to determine the probability that they could get into more serious substance abuse problems is vital.

“I think it will be surprising to some people what the numbers show,” Dr. Blazer adds. The study was conducted through a survey done from 73,000 teens aged 12 to 17. Data gathered showed that 37% of them admitted to drug or alcohol use over the past year, and from this group, 8% were considered substance abuse disorder cases.

The researchers also found out that the group with the highest rate of alcohol use was the Native Americans at 37%, followed by the Whites at 35%, the Hispanics at 32%, 25% for the African-Americans, and Asian teens at 19%.

Drug use had similar patterns as alcohol use. Native American teens still topped the list with 31% of them responding positively to use of illicit drugs, 23% for mixed-race teens, and 20% of Whites. African-Americans though registered a higher rate than the Hispanics at 18% and 12%, respectively.

Dr. Blazer said that their study only proves that kids these can easily get into drug and alcohol use, and figures are even higher than expected. “If you really want to reverse the abuse and dependence on these drugs, what you need to do is start early, focus on trying to get these young people into treatment, or catch them earlier and stop them from even starting.”

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