Gummy Bears: Latest Trend in Teen Alcohol Abuse

At first glance, gummy bears are ordinary chewy candies in different colors and flavors. The candies are one of the most popular snacks for kids, and they come cheap. Yet today, gummy bears are serving a purpose other than to satisfy children’s sweet tooth. They are now used to conveniently carry alcohol for teens.

gummy bearsIt was what Matt Woodland, a senior at the Monrovia High School, found out when he noticed that more and more students in his school keep gummy bears in their backpacks.

The reason for the latest trend was explained by Kristi Dunigan, a drug and alcohol counselor, from the Prime Time Morgan County. She said gummy bears easily absorb vodka, and if left soaked overnight, the candies could triple in size to accommodate the alcoholic drink. “We call it drunken gummy,” Dunigan said.

So today, aside from bringing cavity problems to young kids, gummy bears have become useful tools for teens to satisfy their alcohol cravings. They were first introduced at college campuses, but they have successfully made their way to high school communities too.

They have also become popular in parties, and younger kids get exposed to them through their older siblings who have joined the latest trend. Vodka is the drink of choice simply because it does not smell, and it’s hard to detect.

Even on the Internet, there are already close to a hundred videos that have been posted by users showing instructions on how to make drunken gummies. “They’re easy to make. Easy to conceal. Parents don’t know what they are. So they can eat them at any time,” adds Dunigan.

This is why the Morgan County wasted no time in making teachers and parents aware of this phenomenon.
Some schools have not actually seen the drunken gummies in their vicinity, but for Principal Paul Hadley of the Mooresville Middle School, they will keep a close watch on their community for any of the said candies.

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