Fake Pot Could Cause Teen Heart Attacks

Three teens from Texas, who were also fake pot users, were lucky enough to escape death. Three cases of teen heart attacks were linked to synthetic marijuana – popularly known as K2 or Spice.

K2The three boys involved in the medical cases were all 16 years old. They admitted that they were smoking real marijuana and that they also got a taste fake pot for the last few days before the heart problems occurred. Upon examination, the kids were found to be healthy and did not have any prior cardiovascular diseases, but after smoking K2, all of them complained of chest pains and were immediately rushed to the medical facility.

Dr. Anthony Calzo from the St. Louis University toxicology department said that fake weed has both psychological and physical effects such as anxiety, increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure. Aside from these, what happened to the three kids only proves that there is more health risks associated with synthetic marijuana.

Fake pot has gained popularity especially among the youth simply because it’s not easily detected in the body’s system yet they still contain synthetic cannabinoids that give the same effect as the real stuff.

Unfortunately, fake pot can be easily obtained despite close monitoring of authorities. Nationwide initiatives to ban the selling and possession of fake marijuana have already been set and it has been outlawed by the DEA in some parts of the country.

Scientists have not given the exact ingredients contained in the synthetic drugs. In the journal of Pediatrics, experts were quoted as saying, “Lack of information regarding the origin of these compounds as well as other chemicals possibly contained in these products makes their use dangerous and unpredictable.”

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