Drug and Alcohol Testing Implemented in Corinth City for a Safe Workplace

In Corinth City, new job applicants will be required to take a drug and alcohol test before taking on their posts, and employees who get implicated in accidents will also be made to take the same test.

drug testing at workThe city has approved a drug-and alcohol-free policy which will focus on illegal drugs and other substances including prescribed medications as well as alcoholic beverages that can affect an employee’s performance on the job.

The provisions in the new policy puts a number of jobs under the drug testing process before employment could start. These positions include law enforcement personnel who carry live ammunitions; firefighters; city employees who are required to operate vehicles, equipment, or machinery; emergency medical technicians; employees who travel outside of the city; and non-clerical personnel who are directly involved in handling drugs and other paraphernalia in official drug cases.

The city also used the new policy to uphold values such as integrity, honesty, and safety among workers in and out of the workplace. Aside from requiring employees to submit to drug testing, using or bringing of alcohol and other illicit drugs is also strictly prohibited in the workplace during working hours. Any employee indicted or convicted of a criminal case related to illegal drugs or alcohol will automatically be barred from going back to work.

Employees who get into accidents or discharge their firearm will also be asked to get a drug test. The policy also includes random testing of employees. The process will have to be approved by the city board upon the recommendation of a supervisor. It will then involve 25% of covered employees to submit to drug testing annually, while another 10% will be made to go through alcohol testing every year too.

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