Marijuana Legalization Gains All-Time High Support

Support for the legalization of marijuana is growing in the United States. In a new survey conducted by Gallup nationwide, 50% of the respondents agreed that marijuana should be legalized, and 46% were still against it.

The survey revealed that more younger members of the population, aged 18 to 29, were in favor of legalizing pot (65% of them) compared to those in the 65 and above age category (only 31% of the group).

marijuanaA statement from Gallup confirmed that during the Oct. 6-9 annual Crime survey for this year, participants who positively responded to the legalization of marijuana reached the all-time high record (so far) of 50%.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that more Americans choose marijuana as their preferred illegal drug. If the rates favoring marijuana legalization continue to rise, government officials will have to address the clamor and come up with solutions fast.

The record high support for pot legalization comes at a very critical time as debates between pot legalization advocates and state officials continue. In the US, there are 16 states that have approved the use of medical marijuana, and some are mulling for the decriminalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

Yet the federal government remains strong in enforcing laws against marijuana. They have already released notices that they will be going after the biggest medical marijuana industries in California.

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