Defense Says King of Pop Designed His Own Death

On Monday, the defense team for the Jackson case started their argument by saying that the King of Pop created scenarios that led to his own death, taking intravenous drugs to cure his insomnia despite stiff warnings from his doctors.

Cherilyn LeeThe defense team presented testimonies from a doctor and a nurse practitioner, and a number of witnesses all claiming that the singer demanded the drug that eventually killed him. They say Michael has been sick for the last 15 years, and that during the last few months of his life, he asked for intravenous medication to be administered to him, in his case, an anesthetic known as propofol.

Jackson’s friend and doctor Allan Metzger was called into the witness stand. He was with Michael for the last two years of his life, and told the court that he constantly reminded and warned the singer of the dangers of the anesthetic, and that he never administered the drug to him as sleeping aide.

Dr. Metzger further explained that in 2009, the pop star asked about intravenous sleep medications and mentioned a drug, which the star later on referred to as “juice.” He prescribed oral medication but Jackson did not believe any of them would work.

The nurse practitioner, Cherilyn Lee, admitted that she treated Jackson with vitamin infusions that made him feel better. To show his gratitude, Jackson invited her to London with him to join him in his concert tour. When his sleeping problems came back, Lee advised the pop star to undergo sleep study, and in mid-2009, before he was put under Murray’s care, Michael asked her to watch him sleep.

The singer was able to sleep, but after five hours he awoke and was upset.

“He said, ‘You see, I can’t stay asleep,'” she said.

The defense will continue their case to prove that Dr. Conrad Murray did not cause the singer’s death by giving him a lethal dose of propofol, despite allegations that he violated ethical guidelines of his profession in exchange for money.

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