Best Movies on Substance Abuse in 1990s

From the old classics to the movies on substance abuse in the 1980s, allow us to continue sharing the best movies that targeted substance abuse in its core in the 1990s.

Leaving Las Vegas by Mike Figgis, 1995

Leaving Las VegasNicolas Cage won an Academy Award after playing the lead role of screenwriter Ben Anderson who starts drinking after his wife and son left him. He moves to Las Vegas and decides to drink himself to death. He meets a prostitute played by Elisabeth Shue, moves in with her, and they both faced their problems in life.

Trainspotting by Danny Boyle, 1996

The film became controversial in countries such as the UK, Australia, and the United States as the debate on whether it promotes drug use or not ensued. The film focused on the lives of the members of a young Scottish group who used heroin as a means to escape from the harsh realities of their existence. Yet, in the end, they all discovered that drugs are not a solution to all the pain and loneliness in life.

Gridlock’d by Vondie Curtis-Hall, 1997

A film featuring the late Tupac Shakur together with Tim Roth; two addicts who decide to kick the habit after their close friend died on an overdose on her first use. They evade the law enforcement and other local criminals who are preventing them from getting the help they need from rehab facilities.

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