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Linn State Technical College Drug Testing Program Remains on Hold

U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey in Jefferson County has issued an extension of the temporary restraining order on the implementation of a comprehensive drug testing plan in Linn State Technical College in Missouri.

drug testThe drug testing program, which has been challenged by a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union last month, was supposed to screen all first-year students and some returnees for possible use of illicit drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines, as well as prescription medications like oxycodone and eight other types of drugs.

Linn Tech initiated the drug testing program to be implemented in all of their campuses in the towns of Jefferson City, Linn, and Mexico. The lawsuit stated that the proposed plan violates the students’ Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful searches and seizures.

Kent Brown, who represents Linn College, has confirmed that the board will set a meeting soon to address the said ruling.

Jason Williams, who represents ACLU, said that even Judge Laughrey did not believe that the drug policy would be eventually passed. “She had some pretty clear things to say about the problems with Linn State’s proposed program,” Williamson said. “I think they’d have to put on some extraordinary additional evidence to change her mind.”

Linn Tech said that the drug testing program will help ensure the safety of students who may be involved in programs such as aircraft maintenance, nuclear technology, heavy engine repair, and other critical tasks.

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Teen Discovered Captive at Marijuana Operation

When Baker County Florida authorities conducted an operation in one mobile home, they found more than 100 marijuana plants cultivated illegally, and a chained teen in a room where the drug bust was done.

marijuanaAuthorities arrested 29-year-old Troy Howell of Crews Road for marijuana cultivation at his home and for aggravated child abuse for holding captive his 18-year-old nephew.

The suspect chained his nephew to prevent him from informing the authorities about his marijuana plants.

“Troy had basically tied a chain to the axle of the trailer and ran it under the floor and actually tied him [the teen] up around the neck in his bedroom there,” Dobson said.

Examination of the abused teen showed that he also had distinctive marks around his neck, on his head and shoulders, and even on his back.

Two other teens live with Howell — his 13-year-old niece, who informed officials at Baker County Middle School about the marijuana cultivation, and his 15-year-old nephew.

After the operation, 100 fresh marijuana plants and 15 pounds of processed pot were accounted and confiscated from Howell’s mobile home as confirmed by Sheriff Joey Dobson. They also found other indoor equipment and lights which may have been used in the cultivation of marijuana.

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Alcohol Poisoned Amy Winehouse to Death

A coroner’s report has finally shed light on British singer Amy Winehouse’s cause of death. According to the findings released, Winehouse had alcohol in her system which was five times more than the legal limit set for driving when she died.

Amy WinehouseThe singer was found dead on July 23 at her home in London. She lived the last few of her 27 years with constant warnings about her drugs and alcohol addiction.

During the time of Amy’s death, her blood-alcohol was high up because she drank heavily after abstaining for three weeks, thus resulting to alcohol poisoning that claimed her life.

The legal drink-drive limit is at 80mg, but Winehouse had 416mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. There were three empty bottles of vodka recovered in her home during police investigation.

Coroner Suzanne Greenway stated that the singer died due to the sudden and massive amount of alcohol that she took the day she died. “She had consumed sufficient alcohol at 416mg per decilitre (of blood) and the unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels was her sudden and unexpected death.”

Winehouse’s doctor Christina Romete said that she had repeatedly warned the singer about the consequences of her actions. “The advice I had given to Amy over a long period of time was verbal and in written form about all the effects alcohol can have on the system, including respiratory depression and death, heart problems, fertility problems and liver problems,” she said.

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Lindsay Lohan to Appear in Playboy; Father Michael Gets Arrested

Reports say that Lindsay Lohan will be appearing in Hugh Hefner’s famous magazine, Playboy. LiLo’s Playboy pictorial is said to take place this week somewhere in Los Angeles.

Lindsay LohanRepresentatives from both the magazine’s and Lohan’s camp have yet to release a comment on the news, but it looks like LiLo will be taking her clothes off for the popular men’s mag.

Playboy allegedly offered Lohan $750,000, but the actress’s camp wanted a million. They reportedly agreed somewhere in between the two amounts.

While waiting for her date with Playboy, Lohan will continue her community service at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office which she has started last Friday. Lohan is expected to fulfill 16 hours of duty and will have to appear in court on November 2nd.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s also-controversial father Michael Lohan has been arrested in Tampa, Florida for domestic violence.

Police responded to a distress call from Michael’s home, and he was later arrested for physically hurting his live-in partner. But as police took him into custody, Lindsay’s dad complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital. After checking out from the facility, he was placed under arrest.

Earlier in March, the 51-year-old Lohan was also arrested for the same violation in Los Angeles. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of corporal injury to a cohabitant.

Lindsay and her dad are still on a strained relationship, but they both took a stint at the Betty Ford Center for family counseling while she was undergoing treatment.

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Defense Says King of Pop Designed His Own Death

On Monday, the defense team for the Jackson case started their argument by saying that the King of Pop created scenarios that led to his own death, taking intravenous drugs to cure his insomnia despite stiff warnings from his doctors.

Cherilyn LeeThe defense team presented testimonies from a doctor and a nurse practitioner, and a number of witnesses all claiming that the singer demanded the drug that eventually killed him. They say Michael has been sick for the last 15 years, and that during the last few months of his life, he asked for intravenous medication to be administered to him, in his case, an anesthetic known as propofol.

Jackson’s friend and doctor Allan Metzger was called into the witness stand. He was with Michael for the last two years of his life, and told the court that he constantly reminded and warned the singer of the dangers of the anesthetic, and that he never administered the drug to him as sleeping aide.

Dr. Metzger further explained that in 2009, the pop star asked about intravenous sleep medications and mentioned a drug, which the star later on referred to as “juice.” He prescribed oral medication but Jackson did not believe any of them would work.

The nurse practitioner, Cherilyn Lee, admitted that she treated Jackson with vitamin infusions that made him feel better. To show his gratitude, Jackson invited her to London with him to join him in his concert tour. When his sleeping problems came back, Lee advised the pop star to undergo sleep study, and in mid-2009, before he was put under Murray’s care, Michael asked her to watch him sleep.

The singer was able to sleep, but after five hours he awoke and was upset.

“He said, ‘You see, I can’t stay asleep,'” she said.

The defense will continue their case to prove that Dr. Conrad Murray did not cause the singer’s death by giving him a lethal dose of propofol, despite allegations that he violated ethical guidelines of his profession in exchange for money.

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The Story of a Teen’s Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse

A teenager shares her story of OTC drug addiction, specifically with cough syrups, which she hid from her family for the longest time.

cough syrup abuseKristin, now 18, got her first taste of over-the-counter cough medications when she was about 15 or 16 years old. She admits that during those times, she had personal issues that needed to addressed.

Television became her source of information on the effects of cough medications. In the beginning, she took out a bottle from their medicine cabinet and drank all of its content. She felt so drunk after and then she began taking the drug on a regular basis for at least twice a week.

At a point when she was using the drug more often, she had to buy the item herself, and there were times when pharmacies refused to sell the medication to her due to her age. She was still able to get hold of the drug by having older people buy it for her.

Her high school friends did not know anything about her addiction. She found other students who were on the same situation she was in. She made friends with them and they were the ones who introduced other types of drugs and alcohol to her system. By this time, she leveled up to OxyContin and morphine pills.

Her studies suffered and things started to take a bad turn. From being a straight-A student, she was now hardly making it to the cut. Still, she kept everything from her parents.

Her family knew of her addiction when she finally got arrested. She stole something from her teacher and the teacher called the cops. She eventually told her parents she was hooked for years, and they were surprised that they did not know anything about it.

Today, Kristin is under the Lexington Center for Recovery for treatment. Kristin says, “It’s hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I wish that I had never started in the first place because when you do, once is never enough. It’s not worth it. You’re just going to end up dying or in jail.”

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