Teen Accused of Murdering Parents Over Marijuana!

A teenager has been accused of what many will deem as the unthinkable: the murder of his own parents.

John GranatSeventeen-year-old John Granat has been held without bond on two counts of 1st degree murder – that of his father, also named John, 44, and his mother Maria, 42.

In the weeks leading up to their deaths, John and Maria Granat reportedly discovered that their son was growing marijuana at their home. They threw the drugs out.

This incident, however, apparently did not sit well with the teenager, and he reportedly expressed to his friends that he wanted his mother and his father dead, because of what had transpired between them.

The ongoing investigation revealed that the young Granat could not seem to get his story and his alibis straight. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart shared: “It was clear that (Granat) had a difficult relationship with his parents at times and at different times had made threats… He had made threats to kill them at times.”

In addition to the threats, which reportedly merited protests from friends he confided in, the teen also “gave numerous stories, one after the other, including alibis. None of which made any sense, none of which turned out to be true.”

The boy’s extended family, however, are standing by him, and have hired a lawyer to defend him. Rick Beuke, the lawyer, said the following of the family’s relatives: “The reason they’re here is because they believe in their nephew’s innocence… That speaks to their confidence that their nephew didn’t do this.”

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