Heineken USA Helps in Efforts Against Underage Drinking

It may sound unusual for a beer company to contribute to and participate in efforts to curb drinking of alcoholic beverages; but in this case, such involvement is certainly welcomed and appreciated.

underage drinkingBeer company Heineken USA and Westchester County are working together on a campaign against underage drinking, which was announced Tuesday, dubbed as “Don’t Serve Teens.” This was revealed at a meeting at the White Plains offices of Heineken, participated in by representatives from Westchester County and the City of White Plains, as well as company officials.

The national campaign was begun by the Federal Trade Commission, and strives to discourage the sale of alcohol to young people under the age of 21. The program utilizes advertisements, stickers, and other such materials to get its message across; County Executive Robert Astorino revealed that the campaign will include the placing of these materials at places that sell alcohol, on buses, and transit shelters.

Astorino shared further: “Far to often, we open up the newspaper or watch the news and see a young child pronounced dead because of drunk driving and this is what we are trying to prevent. We might never reach a point where we are going to get rid of it… I don’t think that’s ever, ever going to happen. Let’s be honest about that. But we must come together as a united front to prevent as many fatalities and injuries as possible.”

On top of the campaign against underage drinking and its partnership with Heineken, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration awarded a $625,000 grant to the county Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth, which will be paid out over a five-year period.

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