Why Do Teens Turn to Alcohol or Drugs?

In order to understand the addiction issues of kids today, there are a lot of things that a parent, or any concerned citizen, should look into, and that includes the risk factors.  These risk factors may be divided into three parts: personal, family, and community.

alcohol and drug abuseThey say genetics plays a role in the development of alcohol and drug problems of individuals. It can be observed that most addicted teens have family histories of substance abuse. Another risk factor is one’s personality and temperament, such as the attitude of being rebellious or not having solid personal relationships which could easily lead a teen to turn to drugs and alcohol, until they eventually become addicted.

At times, medical conditions contribute to a teen’s downfall. Some cases of anxiety disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when left untreated could drive a kid to develop dangerous habits. The younger these kids get a taste of alcohol or drugs, the bigger the chances that they will get into problems with these substances.

There are also family factors that could promote addiction. When kids see their parents play around with drugs and alcohol, they will think that doing so is just normal and so they also follow. Most of the time, teens in families who live in violence and conflict see drugs and alcohol as their only escape to get away from problems. Parents that do not get involved in the growth and development of their children also open the door of opportunity for substance abuse.

Finally, the community also puts children at risk from substance abuse if illegal substances are made accessible to them especially at homes and in schools. The continuous promotion of cigarette smoking in the different forms of media invites kids to try it themselves. This could lead to the wrong impression that it’s cool to be doing alcohol and drugs.

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