Serious Consequences of Teen Alcohol Abuse

As a result of teens’ lack of experience, they are faced with a lot of issues linked to alcohol use. It is important for parents to identify these teen issues and plan out measures that the whole family should take to prevent serious consequences.

teen drinking1. Most adults who are into alcohol addiction started their alcohol encounters during their adolescent years. According to earlier reports, each year that a teen holds back on drinking, he lessens his chances of dependence in his adult life by 14%. This is why teens and their parents should work together to delay introduction of alcohol into a teen’s system.

2. Academic performance usually takes a toll whenever a teen drinks regularly. Previous studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that kids who do not drink have much better scholastic achievements compared to those who use alcohol. Teens who drink will have poor grades and this translates to lower chances of getting into a good school. Not enough education could lead to unemployment which leads to troubled economic conditions later on in life.

3. One of the most serious consequences of teen alcohol abuse is teenage pregnancy and the proliferation of sexually-transmitted diseases among the teen population. When teens get intoxicated, their behaviors are affected and their sexual urges become uncontrollable.

4. Depressed teenagers could become more susceptible to their suicidal tendencies when they drink. There are some instances that teens who suffer from depression and those affected by anxiety turn to alcohol as a quick solution to their problems. Each year, the CDC attributes at least 300 cases of suicide to alcohol use.

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