Army Wages War Against Designer Drugs

The anti-drug regulations of the United States Army indicate the full-scale battle that the service is waging against designer drugs.

US ArmyAside from a ban on “spice,” or synthetic marijuana, the Army has also issued warnings against mephedrone, or “bath salts.” A similar ban as that against spice may soon be in place for bath salts.

Lt. Col. Shaun Bailey, chief of the drug testing branch of the United States Army, shared: “It’s an emerging drug of concern to us and we’ve already blasted out [the message] that commanders need to be aware of it.”

Army regulations have a blanket ban against any substance that may cause “excitement, intoxication, or stupefaction.” The revision, however, will explicitly ban synthetic cannabinoids, in very much the same way that heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines are banned for Army, Guard, and Reserve personnel.

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