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Teens with Soldier Parents More Likely to Abuse Drugs, Alcohol

When kids get left behind as their parents answer the call of duty for the country, they deal with life’s challenges and pressures on their own. This is why these kids become more susceptible to drug and alcohol problems as well as performing more poorly in school compared to civilian children.

military kidsThe University of Washington’s School of Public Health has released a study showing children who have soldier parents become more threatened when it comes to the aspect of one’s well-being, and boys are usually more at risk than girls.

In the United States, almost 2 million children in 2007 had at least one parent in the military. Study lead Sarah C. Reed said that a child’s self-development is affected and interrupted when their parents go on active duty. The realities of war and the possibilities of what might happen to their parents are additional burden that kids endure which hinders their ability to cope with the family’s situation.

According to a Health Day feature, the study which has been published online in the American Journal of Public Health was made using data gathered from 10,000 teens in the 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. It was found out that teenage boys with parents in the war zone turn to drugs and alcohol and become unproductive in school activities. Girls on the same situation were found out to be prone to depression and suicidal tendencies.

Reed says there is a need for steps to be taken for the welfare of these kids. “We have to figure out more of what’s going on within families and with children and what’s going to be helpful to mitigate the difficult things — including risky behaviors by adolescents — that are happening in families.”

The researchers are sending out a message that there is a need for more support facilities to be made available for these families.

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Rehab Center Employee Files $1-M Lawsuit Against Lindsay Lohan

It looks like the end of Lindsay Lohan’s troubles is not coming anytime soon as she faces yet another legal problem courtesy of the employee whom she allegedly assaulted while inside a rehab center in California.

Dawn Bradley and Lindsay LohanOn Thursday, Lohan was slapped with a million dollar civil lawsuit filed by Dawn Holland, who now goes by Dawn Bradley, the employee at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs who claimed she was yelled at and physically assaulted by Lohan when she tried to ask the “Mean Girls” star for a breathalyzer test in December while under the rehab facility’s care. Bradley, in her court statement, said that Lindsay grabbed her wrist and twisted it and threw a phone at her.

Bradley cited the injury in her wrist, the therapy sessions she had for the post-traumatic stress syndrome she acquired due to the incident, and the medical expenses she incurred as the main reasons why she is asking for $1 million worth of damages from Lohan.

The Riverside County who first handled the case did not file criminal charges on Lindsay since there wasn’t enough evidence, at that time, to convince them of all the allegations.

A Reuters report also confirmed that the 25-year-old actress has yet to undergo the psychological counseling as part of her sentence for stealing a necklace in January. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, says her client is having difficulty finding services of an affordable individual treatment.

But for Los Angeles prosecutor Melanie Chavira who handles Lohan’s case, the starlet’s reason seems unbelievable. As a result, Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay another 21 days to get help. “I don’t know whether she is working or what she is doing to get an income…If she doesn’t have the means, maybe she knows someone who can help out,” the judge adds.

Despite her predicament, the “Freaky Friday” star will still be in a major production alongside John Travolta and Al Pacino which is due to start this fall.

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McSteamy of Grey’s Anatomy Gets into Rehab!

Another television celeb has entered rehab. Eric Dane, who plays Dr. Mark Sloan on the hit ABC drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy, checked himself into a rehab facility to get rid of his painkiller addiction.

McSteamy Eric DaneAccording to a feature on the, a representative from Dane’s camp released a statement to Access Hollywood which confirmed that Dane indeed is in rehab. The statement clarified that Dane is getting professional aide to “help him get off of pain medication that he was prescribed for a sports injury that he suffered over the recent hiatus.”

The 38-year-old actor accepted that he needs help and voluntarily admitted himself in a Los Angeles treatment facility, promising to work hard and overcome his addiction. As to when Dane started his rehab stint, nobody has confirmed the date.

Fans of the TV series need not worry though as despite enrolling in a treatment facility, the actor will be back and continue on ‘Grey’s.’  “He reports back to work this week. Business as usual,” confirmed his rep.

Dane is best known as Dr. Sloan “McSteamy” on “Grey’s Anatomy” which is now on its eighth season at ABC. He is married to 39-year-old actress Rebecca Gayheart who tied the knot with him in 2004; they have a 1-year-old daughter named Billie Beatrice. Earlier reports said that the couple is expecting their second child.

Dane was introduced in the second season of “Grey’s” as plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Sloan. He’s the former best friend of Patrick Dempsey’s character, Dr. Derek Shepherd, and became entangled with Dr. Shepherd’s wife (played by Kate Walsh) which ultimately resulted to the marriage fallout. The drama series continues to attract viewers worldwide.

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How Parents Can Discourage Teen Drinking

The teenage years may prove to be the most crucial years of an individual. It is in this stage that kids become independent and ‘experience life’ by themselves. Still, parents are the most influential people in a teen’s life. Teens may be able to think and make decisions on their own, but a big part of how they deal with life and its challenges will be patterned on how their parents did too. In short, whether you are a good or bad parent, you will somehow become your child’s role model.

drinkingIt is an important role to play especially when you know that your child’s development as a person will be affected by you. A lot of teen issues have come up which parents must be responsible enough to deal with. Of these many issues, one in particular stands out, and this is teen drinking.

How can parents help to discourage teen drinking? Here are some tips:

1. Never allow your kids to see you drink and drive. Make sure your kids are well-informed about how alcohol affects the body. Tell them it’s never safe to get into a vehicle with a drunk driver. If the instance should arise, instruct your kids to avoid their drunken friends and call you.

2. Do not depend solely on the school to educate your kids about teen drinking. As early as possible, start the talk with your children about alcohol abuse to equip them with the right information and protect them from the consequences of these dangerous habits.

3. You can drink when there are kids around, but be sure not to get drunk in front of them. Show them that it’s alright to celebrate with alcohol but with moderate drinking limits. The most important idea to stress to your kids is perhaps the fact that they are still minors, and are therefore not allowed to drink yet. If it could be possible, avoid having alcoholic drinks at home or during special events where kids are involved.

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How to Help Your Teens Deal with Stress

Teen stress should not be taken for granted. Parents may sometimes think that it’s just a phase in their teen’s life, but in reality, it is a major reason why kids can go astray. Teens who are not equipped to deal with the different stressors in their lives may develop dangerous behaviors, such as trying drugs.

parent talking to teenParents can help their kids deal with stress by being on the lookout for changes in their child’s health, thoughts, or feelings. Learn stress management skills and teach them to your kids. Always be ready whenever your child needs someone who will listen to them. You can also get your kids involved in recreational activities that will enable them to release the burdens and anxieties that they hold.

There are techniques though that will help teens become more stress-resistant. Having healthy eating habits and regular exercise have been proven to de-stress teens. Aside from the usual physical exercise, meditation and relaxing exercises, like yoga, also helps. In their diet, teens should avoid excessive caffeine intake as this can promote emotions such as anxiety and agitation.

From time to time, teens should learn to break away from stressful situations by having fun with family and friends or by listening to soothing and calming music or by getting into activities that they enjoy doing such as painting or photography. If something is just too big a task, the work can be broken down into smaller and attainable goals to avoid being too pressured and strained.

Finally, parents should teach their kids to feel good about themselves. No matter what the task might be, whether big or small, teens should learn to appreciate what they have accomplished rather than demanding perfection in every task that they do. Teens should always have a positive outlook that will help them become more productive in their lives.

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5 Ways to Detect Teen Substance Abuse

As parents, you would have to be sensitive and observant about the ways of your teen as he goes through the critical periods of his life.

teen drug abuseThere are times that parents think their kids are into life-threatening substance abuse habits. But for some, they often refuse to look into their teen’s true situation for the sake of not losing “trust” and “privacy” in the family. Parents would often feel they are going beyond the boundaries that define their child’s independence. Due to these apprehensions, teens often go into such activities and sometimes, parent intervention becomes too late.

Once a child is into substance abuse, it’s difficult to deal or fix the situation. This is why a parent’s role should not be taken for granted in helping kids avoid making their own mistakes. Here are some ways that could help parents detect teen substance abuse.

1. Being a parent, you must educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of teen substance abuse. This way, you could easily tell if something is wrong.

2. Get to know your kid’s friends. You will gain much information about what your child is doing through his friends.

3. Check their laundry. It’s a good way of going through your child’s stuff without having the guilt feeling that you do not trust them enough. Be on the lookout for anything left in their pockets and for some abnormal marks on their clothing.

4. Be a friend who’s ready to listen. Make your child feel at ease with you when he talks about his problems and the things that disturb him.

5. Do you know that a simple hug can open the window in determining your child’s troubles? Yes, when you do give them a hug, you can smell and feel if your child just smoked or took certain drugs.

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