Amy Winehouse’s Family Says Alcohol Withdrawal Killed Her

The circumstances in Amy Winehouse’s death have given some tabloid writers and journalists the idea to blame Amy herself, and the people around her, for her untimely demise.

Amy WinehouseHowever, reformed Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan thinks otherwise, and tells Amy’s critics that putting the blame on the jazz singer and on her “advisors”  for what has happened isn’t right. McKagan says “no one loves to be addicted to drugs,” and those who judge Amy don’t understand the real problem that goes with addiction.

In his column for the Seattle Weekly, McKagan confirmed that he also knew the people who took charge of Whinehouse’s career, and they are good and straight people. “It is a shame that people like this, people who have tried their best to help Ms. Winehouse in the past few years, get their names dragged through the mud,” McKagan writes.

Meanwhile, Amy’s family blames her withdrawal from alcohol as the root cause of her death. With still inconclusive autopsy results, the “Rehab” singer’s family said that Amy was advised by her doctor to gradually distance herself from alcohol especially with her heavy drinking habits. The jazz diva instead abruptly stopped drinking, and this could be what killed her.

A report from Britain’s Daily Sun quoted someone from Amy’s family and says, “Abstinence gave her body such a fright, her family thought it was eventually the cause of her death.”

Earlier reports that circulated the net puts Amy in a bar drinking “gallons” of gin 72 hours before her death. Her father was quick to clear the allegations saying Amy wanted to prove she can do without alcohol. It was just so sad that her daughter wasn’t able to take the shock of giving alcohol up coupled with the bad turn of events in the last few years of her life.

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