Smoking Increases Risk of Dying of Prostate Cancer

There is another reason for men to quit smoking — it can increase risk of death due to prostate cancer by 61%.

smokingIn a study made at the Harvard University, data showed that men who smoke up their chances of dying of prostate cancer and recurrence of prostate cancer. In a feature from the Voice of America, researcher Stacy Kenfield said “We looked at the amounts that current smokers were smoking, and we did see an increase in prostate cancer mortality if you smoked more cigarettes.”

Every year, there are 900,000 prostate cancer cases all over the world, and about a quarter of this figure eventually die of the disease.

The study also relates prostate cancer and former smokers. Those who quit for at least ten years before they were diagnosed to have the illness were performing as people who never smoked did.

Kenfield suggests the probable reasons why smokers are more likely to die of this type of cancer. She says the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes are to blame as well as hormones that are disrupted by smoking. “Studies have found an association between current smoking and increased testosterone, which is known to stimulate prostate cancer growth. And other studies have shown that nicotine induces angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels.”

It was also observed that smokers have a more dangerous form of prostate cancer than those who do not smoke.

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