Irvine Teen Killed in DUI Crash Laid to Rest

Memorial Day would never be the same for the family of Ashton Sweet. Sweet, a 14-year old cheerleader from Irvine, was killed in crash on over the Memorial Day weekend. She suffered an irreversible brain damage due to the crash and she was removed from her life support system.

According to a feature on Daily Pilot, the accident happened at the intersection of Culver Drive and Irvine Boulevard as truck driver Austin Jeffrey Farley continued to drive his vehicle despite a clear red light. He crashed right into the Mercedes-Benz where Ashton was among the 5 people inside.

Investigation made on the incident shows Farley had been drinking with his girlfriend before the crash. At the scene, authorities say Farley was hardly able to stand, his speech was slurred, and had a strong smell of alcohol in his breath. He registered a 0.20 blood-alcohol level at the time of the accident.

Farley asked the media to stop making him a monster on their news reports, as he claims he isn’t one at all. According to the Daily Pilot, court documents has shown that 26-year-old Farley of being previously convicted of drunk driving before, and a number of other charges such as battery, resisting arrest, and grand theft. He has been charged with one felony count each for murder and driving under the influence.

He is held on a $1 million bail. If proven guilty, Farley could serve up a lifetime of imprisonment at the state prison.

Sweet’s major organs were donated, except her heart, which suffered a bad bruise during the crash.

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