Smoking of Fake Pot Can Lead to Psychological Problems

Here’s something that K2 or Spice consumers should know about — exposure to synthetic cannabis can lead to serious psychological problems.

fake potProfessor John Huffman, originally an organic chemist from the Clemson University who created the JWH 018 – the stimulant that has the same effects as the active ingredient in cannabis called THC – says that products containing “fake pot” are dangerous. They can cause psychological problems which may all be irreversible.

“Do not use these products,” says Professor Huffman who resides in South California, according to a feature on NZ Herald. Though he is the inventor of the popular substance, he only has one advice to people who are fond of using it, and that is to stop now before everything is too late.

In the US, products such as K2 and Spice have become a lucrative business for producers who are into large scale manufacturing of the substances. They have been warned about the dangers of their merchandise, yet they do not listen at all for as long as they are making a lot of money at the expense of cannabis users.

A toxicologist from the Dunedin-based National Poisons Center, Dr. Leo Schep, supports Professor Huffman’s warnings, and says if there is anyone in the world who knows fake pot best, it’s Huffman.

In most emergency cases related to cannabinoids, immediate symptoms of patients include anxiety, increased blood pressure levels and heart rates, and even seizures. Long-term effects are currently being established, but as early as now, they are pointing towards the road to self-destruction.

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