Cocaine Filled with Veterinary Drug Rots Skin!

For the longest time, authorities have warned parents and their children about the dangerous effects of illegal substances like cocaine. Aside from being addictive, cocaine can cause problems in the brain that could lead to death.

rotten fleshBut today, the illicit drug just got more dangerous. According to reports from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, about 82% of the amounts of cocaine that they have seized are all mixed with another drug that can literally rot the skin on user’s noses, cheeks and ears. Drug dealers are adding what is known as levamisole, a veterinary drug, to the cocaine shipments that they distribute around America.

In the illegal drugs industry, fillers are used on products to gain more profit. This is probably how levamisole ends up in cocaine. Cheap cocaine is usually composed of up to 90% filler, and dealers before would usually use baking soda for this purpose. Dr. Noah Craft from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute says that the problem brought about by this low-grade cocaine in the market can be very big.

Levamisole is now the choice of most drug dealers to act as fillers since it has the same effect on brain receptors like cocaine has. This will make cheap cocaine perform a lot closer to high-end grades, thus sellers will be able to have a big margin of profit.

In a feature on The Week, wounds brought about by using tainted cocaine appear a day after contact with the substance. The skin’s blood vessels are damaged, and the skin is starved with oxygen resulting to skin turning purple and eventually dies and rots.

In Canada, suspected users of cheap cocaine have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and anemia. Here in the U.S., more doctors are seeing gruesome wounds due to the use of cocaine. Authorities have warned that tainted cocaine is not only distributed in New York or L.A. but in the whole country as well.

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