Types of Drug Tests for Teens

Do you plan on drug testing your teens at home or the students in your school? Here are drug testing methods commonly used with teens.

drug testing teensa. Urine Testing – The drug and its metabolites can be variably detected according to the amount of drug intake through urine testing. When the illegal substance is smoked or taken intravenously, the absorption of the body is almost instantaneous and excretion in the urine is also immediate. Urine samples are usually valid for up to six hours after drug intake. After 48 hours of taking the drug, all traces of the substance will be lost in the urine. Still, the detection of the drug in the urine sample vary according to the amount taken, the number of times taken, the concentration of the drug, and many other factors.

b. Saliva Testing – This is a method that detects drug using a sample that is more easily collected. Saliva, which can be collected anywhere anytime, gives a result that concentrates on the parent drug taken by an individual and not so much on the drug’s metabolites. Cocaine concentration in a person’s system, for example, can be easily detected by this method which relates to the physiological and euphoric effects of the drug in the body.

c. Sweat Testing – Among the methods of drug testing, the starting material for this test is most difficult to collect. A sweat patch is used but unfortunately, there is a high possibility of environmental contamination when using it. Unlike in other methods, it takes a longer period of time before a sweat patch test can yield results; the patch will still undergo a lot of processes before it is finally subjected to the detection of the drug that is in the sample.

d. Hair Testing – The hair sample, which is also easily collected, can hold drug concentrations longer than the other biological samples. Thus, the hair drug test has a longer window of detection. The downside of hair testing is that it cannot be used to test recent drug use as hair takes time to grow and absorb substances from the body.

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