Teen Killed by Adult, Unlicensed Drunk Driver

Adults are supposed to be role models for the younger population. Yet, for 19-year-old Alonso Cirino Bautista, an adult, unlicensed drunk driver led him to his death.

drunk drivingJorge Orellana, 25, a resident Goat Hill Road, Lambertville, N.J., pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide at the Mercer County Court last week that put Alonso in his grave. On October 5 of last year, the vehicle he was driving crashed into a telephone pole; he was admittedly drunk while driving it. The result: one  dead, and five others critically injured.

They crashed on Route 29 near Sullivan Way. Inside his 2001 Pontiac were 3 adults, including him, and two teenagers, both 19 years old. After the crash, they all had to be extracted by firefighters from the wreckage, while back-seat passenger, Alonso, died in the grinding crash.

According to a feature on Bucks Local News, a plea offer from Assistant Prosecutor Skylar Weissman that was approved by the Mercer County Superior Court Judge Gerald Council resulted to five years imprisonment in the state prison for Orellana for the homicide charge and four more years each for the assault charge. Once released from prison, Orellana will be deported to his native country Ecuador.

When asked about the immigration consequence he’ll be having, Jorge did not anymore argue or contest the decision. He admitted that on the night of the accident, he had six beers before driving, which was why he lost control of the vehicle. He will be formally sent to prison on June 16 and will be paying Bautista’s family the sum of $5,000 for funeral expenses.

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