Parents Have the Power to Prevent Teen Drinking

Time and again, studies have shown that parents play big roles in discouraging teens from alcohol abuse. In a report from the News Release Agency, director for the Center of Health and Social Research at Buffalo State College William Wieczorek reiterated the influence that parents have on their children to prevent alcohol addiction.

teen drinkingWieczorek further explains that parents are still the primary influence on whether children will drink or not. Although how they affect their children’s decision differs depending on their child’s age, parents remain very important figures in their children’s development and growth.

In the season of prom and graduation, the role that parents have in discouraging underage drinking seems bigger. This is why everything should start at home. There should be clear rules implemented with regards to teen drinking, and children should know that it’s serious. As simple as telling kids that you expect them not to drink until they are 21 will surprisingly work.

According to their studies, the best time to start telling kids not to get themselves involved in alcohol is by the time they are 12 or 13 years old. Binge drinking usually starts at 15, but experimentations may begin a few years earlier.

The notion that parents have on supervised drinking and that it is acceptable may not always work. It promotes the attitude of drinking with permission, and kids will think it’s alright to drink provided their parents know about it. This becomes very dangerous as kids might make it a habit and become early alcohol addicts.

Finally, parents should become role models for their children. As much as possible, alcohol should not be made accessible to kids at home and that adult drinking can be done when kids are not around. Bear in mind that children often imitate how their parents are, and that the chances that they will likely follow their parents values as they grow up is very, very high.

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