How Drug Abuse Affects Your Studies

Drug abuse has become one of the major challenges in schools these days. Some young students are being influenced by their peers to try drugs. Since their parents are not in school to check on them, more and more students give it a go.

drugs in schoolDrug abuse can have a great effect to a student’s performance academically. Drugs make a great impact on one’s brain functioning. This affects the ability to make sound judgment and decisions. Instead of making school projects, meeting course requirements and studying for an exam, one may go do other things that he deems more important, like getting more drugs, partying or catching up on sleep due to several late nights of drug use.

Inside the class, drug abusers may find it difficult to concentrate and pay attention. Others may suffer from severe headaches. They may also struggle with memory loss and may have difficulty coping with new lessons. This is because drug abuse can lead to brain cell degeneration.

Proper guidance from parents and school officials are very important to put a stop on drug abuse among youth. Several schools have included drug testing in their school policies and different groups have organized awareness seminars to help kids better understand the risks of drug abuse. Parents should also check their children from time to time to see how they are doing.

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