Dangers Teens Face with Drinking

In 2005, it has been found out that there are 10 million people, within the ages of 12 to 20, drink alcohol. Of the ten, seven million are binge drinkers and two million are confirmed heavy drinkers. Imagine what these figures could be today.

drunk teenWhatever reasons teens and young adults may have for drinking, the same dangerous effects will be experienced. Here are some examples presented to show that drinking isn’t at all good for the body.

When an individual is in puberty, a lot of hormonal changes in the body are taking place. If a certain adolescent starts to drink at this time, his alcohol intake may affect the hormone balances which could have drastic results. The widely affected hormones include those of the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone. The balance of these substances in the body is disturbed with the presence of alcohol, and the normal development of muscles and bones as well as other organs will be upset resulting to abnormalities.

Drinking is also a major cause why minors get into vehicular accidents. Accidents that happen due to drunk driving have become a leading cause for teen deaths. Other causes of death linked to alcohol intake are suicide, drowning, and even murder.

Early drinking can develop into an alcohol addiction and dependence during adult life. In a study done by the Mayo Clinic, those who drink before the age of 21 are four times more likely to become alcohol addicts when they become adults, compared to those who wait until the age of 21 before starting to drink.

Lastly, sexual irresponsibility is also linked to teen drinking. Most teens that get into drinking also becomes careless and involve themselves into sexual activities without proper protection, ending up with unwanted pregnancies or acquiring STDs. When alcohol affects the brain, the individual’s inhibitions are also hit, making him or her sexually active.

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