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Doc Gooden Gets Unexpected Visitor at ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Dwight Gooden had an unexpected visitor in the short stint he had at “Celebrity Rehab.” According to the former Mets pitcher, he was not expecting his ex-teammate Lenny Dykstra to visit him on the set of the reality show. As Gooden was called ‘Doc’ during his glorious days, Dykstra was known as ‘Nails,’ and both were formidable players in the 80’s.

Dr. Drew Pinsky and Doc GoodenIn a feature on NY Daily News, Doc said Lenny came in at around 10 pm as he was getting ready for bed. Some behind the scenes crew told him that he had a visitor and that it was Dykstra. He lost touch with his friend years ago, and so he was so surprised when he went to the facility where they were doing the show.

When they finally met, Lenny was already carrying his bags and was all set to get him out of the show. He says Lenny did not like what Dr. Pinsky was doing to him and he thought the doctor was hypnotizing Dwight. “It was crazy. He was like, ‘Doc, you all right? I don’t like this. I got your bags.’ ”

He was able to talk to Lenny and told him that he was alright and no hypnotizing was done. He assured his friend he was fine, yet Lenny refused to let go of his bags. Asked if Dykstra already returned his things, Doc says “No” while laughing.

Celebrity Rehab is a reality show that caters to celebrities, athletes, and other entertainers who are troubled by their

On his short stay at Dr. Pinsky’s facility, Gooden says the experience was helpful. He now continues with Alcoholics Anonymous and has his mind set on getting better.

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How Drug Abuse Affects Your Studies

Drug abuse has become one of the major challenges in schools these days. Some young students are being influenced by their peers to try drugs. Since their parents are not in school to check on them, more and more students give it a go.

drugs in schoolDrug abuse can have a great effect to a student’s performance academically. Drugs make a great impact on one’s brain functioning. This affects the ability to make sound judgment and decisions. Instead of making school projects, meeting course requirements and studying for an exam, one may go do other things that he deems more important, like getting more drugs, partying or catching up on sleep due to several late nights of drug use.

Inside the class, drug abusers may find it difficult to concentrate and pay attention. Others may suffer from severe headaches. They may also struggle with memory loss and may have difficulty coping with new lessons. This is because drug abuse can lead to brain cell degeneration.

Proper guidance from parents and school officials are very important to put a stop on drug abuse among youth. Several schools have included drug testing in their school policies and different groups have organized awareness seminars to help kids better understand the risks of drug abuse. Parents should also check their children from time to time to see how they are doing.

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Overcoming an Addiction: Difficult but Necessary Struggle

An addiction can be like an illness or a disease that needs treatment. Treatment for drug addictions may be far more complicated than treating ordinary illnesses, and it often include long periods of time before an addict truly overcomes his addictions. There are certain steps that affected individuals can take to help them in their battle.

drug abuse treatmentThe first and most important thing that an addict must do is to admit he has problems and will himself to seek treatment. This may not be easy as the brain is immensely affected when under drugs or alcohol influence, making it difficult for those under the addiction to decide to go to treatment. The thought of having to take medications and undergo counseling would not be very appealing to them.

When a person finally decides to go ahead with treatment, it is crucial to find the best treatment facility that will cater to one’s specific needs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration can provide a list of recognized institutions in every area.

Remember that recovery isn’t an overnight thing. In many cases, the longer the treatment term is, the greater chances for full recovery. Having a history of drugs and alcohol addiction is one of the biggest factors why some can have “relapses.” This is why professionals dealing with addictions say that once you become a victim, treatment can be for a lifetime.

Finally, it’s good to find some other activity that will take an addict’s mind off drugs and alcohol. Avoiding places and scenarios that can make one vulnerable to drugs or alcohol is an effective way to get someone away from temptation. Some behavioral therapy can teach patients on how to cope with the stress and triggers of their past addictions.


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Coroners to Combat Teen Drinking

In the continuing battle against teen drinking, many concerned citizens are stepping out to contribute in the effort to help save lives of young people. To express their objection to underage drinking, coroners are willing to show, in a very graphic manner, what happens to teens who drink and drive. According to a feature on, the Knox and Warren County coroners, together with district attorneys, formulated an idea on how they can use their everyday subjects at work to help discourage drinking by minors.

drunk driving crashWhen a court hands out a sentence for juveniles, it usually includes special classes to be handled by coroners. The class will now include images of aftermaths of teen drinking or DUI fatalities to show minors just how massive the effects can be of their irresponsible acts.

Coroners Bill Underwood and Marc Thomas from the Warren and Knox Counties were very interested when the idea was first introduced to them by Monmouth attorney Steve Glasgow. “It’s going to be an eye-opener and I think it’s going to be really effective. Making grown-up decisions has grown-up consequences. There’s a giant ripple effect that I don’t think a lot of kids understand,” Glasgow says.

For his part, coroner Thomas will be showing images of heavily damaged cars and even fatalities of drunk driving. His experience in the field allows him to be an authority on incidents connected to drunk driving. What he will impart to kids can hopefully serve as warning to them.

Glasgow’s group will focus on minors who already have charges in the criminal system. As part of their special class, participants will be asked to write essays using questions based on drunk driving, such as the corresponding consequences and the impact that it has on the victims’ family.

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Parents Have the Power to Prevent Teen Drinking

Time and again, studies have shown that parents play big roles in discouraging teens from alcohol abuse. In a report from the News Release Agency, director for the Center of Health and Social Research at Buffalo State College William Wieczorek reiterated the influence that parents have on their children to prevent alcohol addiction.

teen drinkingWieczorek further explains that parents are still the primary influence on whether children will drink or not. Although how they affect their children’s decision differs depending on their child’s age, parents remain very important figures in their children’s development and growth.

In the season of prom and graduation, the role that parents have in discouraging underage drinking seems bigger. This is why everything should start at home. There should be clear rules implemented with regards to teen drinking, and children should know that it’s serious. As simple as telling kids that you expect them not to drink until they are 21 will surprisingly work.

According to their studies, the best time to start telling kids not to get themselves involved in alcohol is by the time they are 12 or 13 years old. Binge drinking usually starts at 15, but experimentations may begin a few years earlier.

The notion that parents have on supervised drinking and that it is acceptable may not always work. It promotes the attitude of drinking with permission, and kids will think it’s alright to drink provided their parents know about it. This becomes very dangerous as kids might make it a habit and become early alcohol addicts.

Finally, parents should become role models for their children. As much as possible, alcohol should not be made accessible to kids at home and that adult drinking can be done when kids are not around. Bear in mind that children often imitate how their parents are, and that the chances that they will likely follow their parents values as they grow up is very, very high.

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James Taylor in Drug Court Graduation Day

Drug court graduates in Pinellas County had the surprise of their lives when singer/songwriter James Taylor spoke to them on their graduation day.

James TaylorThe whole ceremony was headed by Judge Dee Anna Farnell who oversees the drug court. To make the graduation day more meaningful and memorable, Judge Farnell brought in Grammy Award winner James Taylor, who also struggled with addiction years ago, according to a Tampa Bay report.

A certain graduate was a very close friend of the Fire and Rain singer; Valerie Carter once sang with James in his albums, and he promised she’d be back after her successful journey to recovery.

The “You’ve Got a Friend” singer was not ashamed to admit that he was once in the same situation as the graduates are. When Judge Farnell even quoted some lines from his famous songs, he would say he was high when he created that certain song. For 18 years, he was on drugs. He says, “I thought the day I ended up institutionalized was the low point of my life.”

Today, as he helps the judge hand out certificates to the graduates, he tells them that he never expected he’d be able to get back on his feet and continue doing what he loves. “The possibility that it would open up a whole new life hadn’t occurred to me then. But we are all people today who can hope to be part of the strength of society, rather than the ones who weigh on it.”

Before the program ended, he urged everyone to stay away from drugs and alcohol and instead focus on having a healthy life.

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