Verdict In for Barry Bonds: Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

Yes, the judicial system has finally bestowed a ruling upon one of baseball’s most controversial players, Barry Bonds. On Wednesday, the jury convicted Bonds for obstruction of justice when he swore he did not know performance-enhancing drugs were introduced into his system at the time when he was at his career’s peak.

Barry BondsBonds’ records in baseball has put him as the league’s all-time home-run leader; hitting 762 home runs in the course of his 22-year career in the game with a whopping 73 in 2001. While some may be in awe of what he accomplished, it somehow put others in doubt resulting to a validation of what he has achieved ultimately leading him into court.

The obstruction of justice was the strongest case against him, among the other charges filed such as the three counts of perjury. According to a feature on Yahoo Sports, the jury decided he intentionally misled people when he said his trainer never injected him with any performance-enhancing drugs (saying that the only person to inject him with anything is his doctor) and tried to convince them that he is a victim of some scientific experiments. He added that the ambitious people who held his career at that time were the ones to be blamed for what he has been through.

The verdict on Bonds brings us to the question of what this development can do for both the league and the government agencies involved. Eight years ago, Bonds testified he never used any drug to help him beat out competition, at least not on his knowledge. Today, he is convicted, yet we get the same stories over and over again.

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