La Cañada Parents and Officials Gather in Forum on Teen Partying

The La Cañada Flintridge’s Community Prevention Council (CPC) together with the city’s safety commission hosted a forum last Wednesday about keeping kids safe outside of homes and schools especially when partying.

teen partyBoth parties, the parents and officials, agree that drinking and drug use is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with by enforcing rules strictly and consistently. Yet they do not somehow meet eye to eye when it comes to the issue of who is responsible for making sure that kids are indeed safe from these dangerous substances.

When it came to the Q & A session, a question was raised about whether schools had enough programs to inform students of the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction. Pediatrics doctor Leonard Baker confirmed that schools do have programs to address such concerns, yet the long-term effects are not solid.

In a feature from La Cañada Valley Sun, it was known that some parents serve alcoholic beverages to their teens and their friends during parties, and this is why more and more kids are having the idea that drinking is alright. This is where police authorities pointed the finger at parents, explaining that parents who allow kids to drink can be legally liable.

“You are there to be a parent. It’s your responsibility to know what your 16-year-old is doing all the time,” said Mark Slater, a traffic sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. ”If someone makes a bad choice, it isn’t an accident—it’s criminal.”

In the end, it was agreed that parents should report activities that put minors in dangerous situations, such as parties where there is alcohol and drugs. An open communication between parents and their children was also encouraged to prevent substance abuse problems in the family.

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