Keeping Teen Graduation and Prom Parties Safe

The season of graduation and proms is approaching and kids from all ages will be busy attending and hosting parties for these special occasions, especially teenagers who seem to be the most excited when it comes to gatherings of their group. Parents are now tasked to keep their kids’ parties safe, and the Garden City community is helping out.

teen partiesThe Garden City Community Coalition for the Prevention of Substance Abuse together with The Garden City Police Department has put up a program dubbed as the Show You Care, Be Aware program. According to a feature on, coalition director Susan Nicholas says that the program is created for parents, youth, and people who care for the awareness of matters such as teen drinking and substance abuse.

In keeping teen parties safe, here are some tips offered by the program.

1. If your child is attending a party, be sure to know where the party is and verify information by contacting the parents of the host of the party. Inform them that your child isn’t allowed to drink and to be near any drugs.

2. Be sure to establish a family rule that underage drinking is strictly unacceptable. This way, your child will keep in mind that he should not be drinking, whether in your house or in somebody else’s.

3. Never allow teens to hold parties with no responsible adult supervision nor allow them to attend one.

4. If the party is held in your premises, notify parents of guests who are intoxicated or are under the influence, or with alcoholic drinks in their possession.

5. Secure the help of local authorities in your area when your teen holds a party without your presence and inform him about your arrangement.

6. At least be familiar with your kids’ friends and their parents. You can work together in keeping children free from alcohol and drugs.

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