Increasing Rates of Teen Marijuana Smoking

When states chose to legalize marijuana, adolescents automatically took the opportunity of using the drug. Kids now drink less and smoke less, but they do more of pot smoking, according to a feature on Wicked Local. This was the fact that Metro West faced as marijuana use in the area jumped from 20 percent to now almost 24 percent.

teen marijuanaWayland Cares substance abuse coalition director Heidi Heilman cites the lack of proper information dissemination about the harmful effects of marijuana, such as impaired brain development, has led to the increase in the statistics of teen marijuana use.

The results of an anonymous survey which features drug abuse in middle and high school students will be released to schools in the Metro West and Milford area to serve as basis for the creation or adjustment of policies to address the said growing problem.

While there may be drops in alcohol use and smoking in middle school, marijuana use is on the rise. Senior Program officer Rebecca Donham states that kids think marijuana is now legal, and that using it in small amounts is no longer a criminal offense. There are also a lot of misunderstanding and parent ambivalence with regards to substance abuse whose effects are not immediately seen. Due to partial legalization of marijuana, there exists confusion about some laws governing it and the need for revisions to accommodate its being a legalized drug.

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