Harmful Effects of Binge Drinking

There are many physical and psychological risks of binge drinking. Other than throwing up or getting hangovers, greater risks like memory lapses and mood changes can be gained when drinking too much. Here are more ill effects that are brought about by binge drinking.

binge drinking1. It has been proven that people who are into binge drinking could gain weight and increase their chances of high blood pressure, by the time they reach the early age of 24. Imagine a can of beer having 150 calories, and casually consuming four or five cans a night! That’s a lot of calories!

2. Binge drinking can cause mental health disturbances especially in school. When somebody gets drunk, he loses quality time for sleeping which makes them hardly awake during classes. This can easily lead to poor academic performance.

3. The most dangerous effect of binge drinking may be that of alcohol poisoning. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include difficulty in breathing and gag reflex which could lead to death. Seizures, low body temperature, skin turning pale or bluish, inability to be awakened, and extreme confusion are also signs of alcohol poisoning.

When you think you or someone you know is under this bad habit, there is nothing wrong in seeking help especially from people in campus. Counseling services are readily available in campus for students who have alcohol problems. Support groups are also willing to help students who want to get rid of their dangerous habit.

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