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Supervised Underage Drinking Still Dangerous

It seems that teen drinking, even when supervised by parents or other responsible adults, has the same effect in children’s lives when they become adults. While most parents would opt to introduce alcohol to their kids themselves rather than from some other people or circumstances, a new study suggests that kids may still over-indulge in alcohol during their early years and later develop alcohol problems.

teen drinkingA study was conducted of more than 1900 teen participants aged 12-13 years old of Australian and American bloodlines. In Australia, almost 67% of teens drink with the supervision of their parents while in the US, only 35% do. After a year, Australian teens who experienced alcohol-related problems was put at 36% while the American counterpart only had 21% incident rate.

More findings and results will be published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (JSAD). The research was a joint effort of the Centre for Adolescent Health in Melbourne, Australia, and the Social Development Research Group in Seattle, Washington.

Despite having peers and other people around them, it was clear in the study that regardless of race, the role of parents in their children’s lives should not be taken for granted. In a feature on Red Orbit, Minnesota University professor Dr. Barbara McMorris says that “Both studies show that parents matter. Despite the fact that peers and friends become important influences as adolescents get older, parents still have a big impact.”

“Kids need parents to be parents and not drinking buddies. Adults need to be clear about what messages they are sending. Kids need black and white messages early on. Such messages will help reinforce limits as teens get older and opportunities to drink increase,” she concluded.

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Chace Crawford Gets Probation for Texas Marijuana Incident

“Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford agreed to a probation and community service for his marijuana possession arrest case. The hunky star accepted the pretrial diversion program on Friday and if he maintains good conduct, he’ll come out from his ordeal without a criminal record.

Chace CrawfordIn summer last year, Crawford was arrested in Plano, Texas for suspicion of possession of less than two ounces of marijuana. Together with a male friend outside Ringo’s Pub in Plano, the star was questioned by police that eventually led for authorities to search their car. TMZ sources later said that police found one unlit stick of marijuana inside the 2003 Nissan 35OZ vehicle that Chace drove.

At that time, the actor was facing a misdemeanor charge carrying 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine. He was able to post bail and was released from police custody.

Today, the provisions on his sentence include 24 hours of community service and reporting to a probation officer every month. If he is able to show good behavior and avoid any police encounters, problems, or arrests, he can easily become a free and record-less man.

Chace Crawford became famous for his role as Nate Archibald on “Gossip Girl.” He also played a drug dealer in his film “Twelve” which was featured at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora Enters Rehab

After a successful launch of the White Trash Beautiful (WTB) 2011 collection at the New York Fashion Week,  Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is said to be heading for rehab.

Richie SamboraThe 52-year-old musician has had too much to drink and now feels exhausted. Richie had a very busy year, and he reached the point wherein he sees the need to straighten things out in his life. He is seeking help to regain his sobriety by checking himself into a rehabilitation facility.

This will not be the first time that Sambora will be in rehab. In 2007, he stayed at the Cirque Lodge in Utah for a period of time.

The rocker has so far led a very colorful life. Once married to actress Heather Locklear, he also dated Charlie Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards. In 2008, he was charged with misdemeanor for drunk driving, having a blood-alcohol level way beyond the state’s set limit. He was put under probation for three years and was required to attend classes for alcoholics, and paid fees to the court.

He has then involved himself in the fashion industry, working with designer/musician Nikki Lund for the last two years for their WTB line. With their background as rockers, their fashion line boasts of black leather, but also features silk chiffons and taffetas.

In their Fall 2011 collection at the New York Fashion Week, they featured cocktail dresses and black leather skinny dresses. Models who walked the runway for WTB also wore sunglasses from Polaroid Eyewear. Both Sambora and Lund will come out with their men’s collection for WTB, which will be modeled by – who else – Richie himself!

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La Cañada Parents and Officials Gather in Forum on Teen Partying

The La Cañada Flintridge’s Community Prevention Council (CPC) together with the city’s safety commission hosted a forum last Wednesday about keeping kids safe outside of homes and schools especially when partying.

teen partyBoth parties, the parents and officials, agree that drinking and drug use is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with by enforcing rules strictly and consistently. Yet they do not somehow meet eye to eye when it comes to the issue of who is responsible for making sure that kids are indeed safe from these dangerous substances.

When it came to the Q & A session, a question was raised about whether schools had enough programs to inform students of the dangers of drugs and alcohol addiction. Pediatrics doctor Leonard Baker confirmed that schools do have programs to address such concerns, yet the long-term effects are not solid.

In a feature from La Cañada Valley Sun, it was known that some parents serve alcoholic beverages to their teens and their friends during parties, and this is why more and more kids are having the idea that drinking is alright. This is where police authorities pointed the finger at parents, explaining that parents who allow kids to drink can be legally liable.

“You are there to be a parent. It’s your responsibility to know what your 16-year-old is doing all the time,” said Mark Slater, a traffic sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. ”If someone makes a bad choice, it isn’t an accident—it’s criminal.”

In the end, it was agreed that parents should report activities that put minors in dangerous situations, such as parties where there is alcohol and drugs. An open communication between parents and their children was also encouraged to prevent substance abuse problems in the family.

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Steven Tyler Talks About Cocaine Abuse

Steven Tyler, Areosmith frontman and now American Idol judge, discussed drug addiction among others in an interview with Matt Lauer. The interview airs May 1st, Sunday at 7 p.m. on “Dateline” and May 2nd, Monday on “Today.”

Steven TylerNBC released juicy tidbits to entice viewers to watch the interview. Lauer asks about the band using cocaine in their tours, even including cocaine use and costs into their contracts. “Basically, you guys would put it in your contracts. There had to be a place onstage, a little cubby, where you guys could go during the concert, go in and snort coke. And you would write it in the budget… I think you called it, what, 24 track tape?”

Tyler has this to say: “Number one, it was the thing to do in the ’70s. And by the way, bands like Aerosmith, if you looked at the ’70s, how many albums we did, how many songs and how many territories, you know, we conquered…. We were troubadours going from town to town, state to state playing three shows in a row, I needed blow. I needed that cocaine. I needed that — I needed it.”

Tyler also warns about what drug addiction can bring to a person — death, jail and insanity. “I can’t preach that enough. The only reason I wound up in rehab is because I used to the point of falling down. My kids telling me, ‘Daddy, I don’t know who you are anymore.’ Wives leave, bands break up, and it’s really a one-way street. I still liked the ride, but it’s a one-way street.”

Tyler is promoting his latest book “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir,” set to be released May 3. His first U.S. solo single, “It Feels So Good,” will also be out on May 10.

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Understanding the Causes and Risks of Peer Pressure

The adolescent stage may prove to be the most critical period for both children and the parents. At this time, a parent’s role in a child’s life will be challenged and a lot of factors can help make or break a child. One of the most important aspects that greatly affect an adolescent’s life is peer pressure.

peer pressureThere are a lot of risks presented when peer pressure sets in your kid’s life. Most of these risks are health-related, according to a survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Teenagers often learn risky behaviors like drinking, smoking, use of illegal drugs, and getting into unsafe sexual activities. Most of the time, an adolescent becomes vulnerable and his peers would take advantage of his weakness and push him to try the said dangerous activities.

Why do kids succumb to peer pressure? In the adolescent years, this is when a child feels that he needs to have a sense of belonging. How a child sees and reacts to his surroundings will all depend on how his parents brought him up. Dr. Michelle M. Forcier, head of adolescent medicine at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, says that kids who experience strong parental guidance and values are less likely to fall prey of peer pressure.

Here are some problems that parents should be concerned when their kids succumb to peer pressure:

a. Alcohol Use – About 20% of teens confess that they had their first drink before the age of 12.

b. Smoking – Almost 25% of high school students smoke. Some even started smoking by the time they were 13.

c. Sex – There are teens 14 to 17 years old who already engage in sexual activities, and 30% of them do it without proper birth control methods.

d. Drug Use – Young adult marijuana users aged 18 to 21 all say they had their first drug encounter before they turned 13.

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