Voting for Medical Marijuana in Douglas County

On April 5, it will be Castle Rock’s turn to vote on whether they will allow the legalization of marijuana in their area through the medical marijuana facilities. Before the judgment day, a public forum will be hosted by the Douglas County Substance Abuse Coalition and the League of Women Voters. It will feature panelists from both sides of the argument. The aim is to provide voters information about important issues regarding provisions in the legalization of marijuana and an educational forum regarding the same subject.

marijuanaCastle Rock voters will be the last to vote whether they would allow the legal distribution of marijuana in the Douglas County.

According to a post on The News Press, the Medical Marijuana Education forum in Castle Rock will be held on March 30, 6:30 pm at the Douglas County Events Center. Castle Rock voters will have until 7 pm of April 5 to turn over their ballots.

Mac McAvenia from the Douglas County Substance Abuse Coalition has invited guest speakers to represent both sides of the debate. Their group, which originally stemmed from the Douglas County Youth Initiative, has become the main prevention resource for substance abuse for the school district and for law enforcement agencies. Their group is composed of mental health practitioners, behavioral psychologists, and members from the law enforcement agencies.

Key figures in the event include lawyer Rob Corry who leads the pact in litigation of medical marijuana and Amber Ostrom who owns the only medical marijuana dispensary in Castle Rock. Ostrom argues that if marijuana remains illegal in Castle Rock, it will lead to more problems of unregulated growth and distribution of the plant.

Ostrom has about 1,500 patients and has been allowed to grow marijuana for almost 300 of them. She believes that if her shop closes, many will be affected and that people would resort to backyard growing of the plant which will cause more headaches for the police.

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