Bath Salts Now Considered Illegal in Virginia

Gov. Bob McDonell of Virginia has recently signed a bill that made bath salts illegal. All synthetic drugs are now prohibited in the state and bath salts, in particular, will no longer be available in convenience stores where it’s highly accessible especially for teenagers.

These substances give the same high as other illegal drugs do. Unknown to many, this drug could be fatal.

This is why a Christian Based Program called Eastern Appalachia Teen Challenge was formed to help save lives of young people who have become hooked on bath salts and other drugs. Most teenagers think that bath salts are safe to use and a better alternative than marijuana and alcohol. In the program, teens are guided to be able to recover from drug abuse or alcohol addictions, as well as eating disorders, through a methodology based on Christian values.

Lisa Cox, the director for the Teen Challenge Program, gives a clear picture of how they help troubled teenagers. “When they get here and they begin to sleep regularly and work out, they’re getting back into a routine of school and eating like they should be.  Getting encouragement and being able to talk about their problems,” Cox said according to

Since Gov. McDonnell signed the new rule, possessing even small amounts of bath salts could mean time in jail for those who are in Virginia. The state has taken this bold step in the hopes of discouraging people, especially teens, in engaging in activities involving the now prohibited substance. Possession of bath salts is now a misdemeanor act, distribution a felony, and manufacturing a violation that could mean 30 years in prison.

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