Teen Leaders Plan for Safer Prom and Graduation Season

Whenever prom and graduation seasons arrive, sobriety and safety are the two most important factors that need to be addressed clearly. From Butler County High Schools, about 140 juniors and seniors met at the campus of The Miami University Middletown to discuss strategies and steps to persuade their peers against drunk driving as this would become the most dangerous situation that teens will be vulnerable to in the coming months.

drunk drivingStatistics show that many of the deaths involving teens in the months of April, May, and June occur due to alcohol-related traffic incidents. This is why the Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Council supported the 5th Annual Prom and Graduation Project Summit. In the event, small groups of students shared various means to get their message against drugs and alcohol across the teen population. In the past, their strategies did get most of the teen’s attention, but were not sustained when the season came.

“Everyone sees (such options) but forgets and still goes out on prom night and drinks,” said Sommer Streeval, a Talawanda senior. Some students say that strategies should have more impact on personal connections, like elementary kids writing letters to their upper level peers not to drink and drive.

Law enforcement agencies were also present during the summit. They talked with the students and gave some tips on how to go about with their plans. In a mock press conference, students were allowed to throw questions on the law enforcement members regarding the issues on hand. Middletown Police Chief Greg Schwarber said he liked the idea of campaigns on anti-drinking incorporated in Facebook pages.

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