Truck Driver Pleads Guilty to Hauling Tons of Smuggled Marijuana

Marijuana that is being smuggled into the United States, from Mexico or other Latin American sources, accounts for most of the marijuana available in the country. With authorities now working closely to stop illegal entry of drugs in the country, groups smuggling marijuana have also opened different channels to bring marijuana to their clients, including building a tunnel.

narcotics tunnel29-year-old Carlos Cunningham Jr. could be facing several years in federal prison for hauling nearly 20,000 pounds of marijuana and knowing that the drugs were being smuggled into the United States from Mexico through a narcotics tunnel.

Cunningham admitted in a San Diego court to driving multiple truckloads of marijuana from a warehouse in San Diego, near the tunnel’s exit, to the Central District of California. He also admitted being aware of the narcotics tunnel, discovered by federal agents last November 2. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute more than 19,400 pounds of marijuana.

Authorities followed Cunningham from the San Diego warehouse to the Temecula Checkpoint along Interstate 15. At this point, he was arrested with about 19,400 pounds of marijuana. Upon searching the warehouse, an additional 28,782 pounds of marijuana were seized. On the other side of the tunnel, Mexican officials reported seizing nearly 10,000 pounds of marijuana at the tunnel’s entrance located inside a Tijuana residence.

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