Positive Drug Test on Grizzlies’ Mayo Makes Trading Difficult

Memphis Grizzlies’ reserve shooting guard O.J. Mayo has been suspended by the NBA for ten games after registering a positive drug test for Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This drug is said to be a natural steroid hormone produced by the adrenalin glands and the gonads.

O.J. MayoIn 2009, the same drug was found on Rashard Lewis’ system and he too was given the same ten-day suspension. Both players, Lewis and Mayo, had the same excuse of taking over-the-counter supplements without knowing that the supplements contained DHEA.

This now puts the burden on the Memphis team as they will surely be having a hard time finding Mayo a new home. They have been trying to get rid of Mayo and had encountered problems finding another team to trade him to even without his testing positive for the DHEA drug. Now, the toll on the team is as big as ever. Looking into Mayo’s performance for this season, he was benched, got into a fight with Tony Allen, and now adds drug abuse on his already tarnished record. This could be the point where Mayo hits rock bottom.

This present obstacle could mean something good for the teams interested in acquiring Mayo, and a not so perfect scenario for the Grizzlies. In the situation that Mayo is currently in, most teams would not be desperate enough to meet the apparently high asking price of the Grizzlies for the disgruntled guard. One thing’s for sure though, they can’t keep Mayo around for too long. With the playoff spot still very much in contention, they could not afford to let Mayo drag them into a sinking vortex that would spell doomsday for the whole team.

As of now, the Memphis team has limited choices. They could depend on Chris Wallace, but then again Wallace has had his own woes when it comes to the games.

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