Will It Be Jail for Lindsay After Betty Ford Controversy?

Actress Lindsay Lohan is in the hot seat once again after an employee of the Betty Ford Center, where she is currently in a court-ordered stay, accused her of assault after an alleged drunken encounter.

Lindsay LohanWhile Lindsay has denied the allegations, and her accuser, Dawn Holland, has been fired by Betty Ford, the question remains: what is in store for the young actress after this episode? She is, after all, still on probation in a DUI case, and this new development, if proven, constitutes a violation of her probation.

According to a feature on People.com, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox had threatened Ms. Lohan with more jail time, if she is found to be in violation of her probation.

Richard Hirsch, a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who is not involved in the case, told People.com: “If the latest allegations are true, it just spells disaster for Lindsay… After all the chances she’s had, the judge may have no other option left.”

The feature recalled Lindsay’s failed drug test from a couple of months back, where she was spared more jail time by Judge Fox, who was convinced that what Lindsay needed was further treatment from her self-admitted addiction. She was instead ordered to stay at the Betty Ford Center until January 3.

Steve Sitkoff, another Los Angeles criminal attorney, said: “Judge Fox isn’t one to make idle threats… Especially if he decides that Lindsay was the instigator in the scuffle with the Betty Ford employee, that’ll make him more likely to punish her with jail instead of treatment.”

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