Dentist Charged for Dispensing Prescriptions for Sexual Favors

A dentist from Wareham, Massachusetts, has been charged for allegedly dispensing prescriptions for narcotic painkillers, in exchange for sexual favors, according to a report on

The dentist was identified as Dr. Steven Miller. His activities were exposed through a sting operation run by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and resulted in his arrest.

VicodinA witness reportedly alerted authorities to Miller’s modus operandi last September. The witnessed accused the 68-year-old dentist of issuing prescriptions for controlled prescription painkillers, even in the absence of valid purposes, if the other party granted him sexual favors. An affidavit revealed that a federal agent, posing as the boyfriend of a cooperating witness, was asked by Miller to fill out paperwork that would make it seem that he had dental work done, so that he would be able to receive a prescription for Vicodin pills.

He also allegedly revealed to one witness that he already had an unsavory reputation with regards to prescriptions, so much so that there are pharmacies that would not fill any of his prescriptions.

Some people who knew Miller, however, found the accusations as not in keeping with the persona that he exuded. One woman who lived near Miller and who has known him for twenty years described him as “a lovely person,” and shared that he was “respectful to me as a neighbor and friend and patient.”

The affidavit for his arrest included the prescription records for nine of his patients. These prescriptions were described as “inconsistent with the usual course of professional dental practice.”

Miller has voluntarily surrendered his license to practice dentistry as of Tuesday. If convicted, he may face up to ten years in prison, as well as a $1 million fine.

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