Middle School Kids Overdosed on OxyContin

A report on KOIN Local 6 shared that the police in Hillsboro, Oregon, are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident of OxyContin overdose in a local middle school.

Four students of Raymond Brown Middle School – two boys and two girls, aged 13 and 14 – reportedly overdosed on OxyContin. This was confirmed by school officials. The incident happened on Monday, and emergency crews were called to the school, according to Lt. Mike Rouches of the Hillsboro Police Department. The students were consequently taken to a hospital in the area.

OxycontinThe police shared that the 14-year-old boy had stolen the OxyContin from a parent’s medicine cabinet; the parent had a prescription for the drug.

The police pieced together further that the boy had taken two pills, and shared them with the three other kids. Two students also reportedly took two pills, but one of the girls took 15 pills – enough pills to be fatal. The girl had to be kept in the hospital overnight, and her stomach had to be pumped in order to get the drugs out of her system. It was fortunate that she was able to survive, and was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

The students may have been experimenting with the drug, according to the police. The incident had two sides to it, though; while it is a cause for concern that the students were able to somehow get access to the drug and decided to abuse it, it was also through the effort of other students to inform school staff about the incident that ensured that no one got killed.

This serves as further reminder to parents to ensure that powerful drugs such as OxyContin, which are prone to abuse, are kept inaccessible to teens and kids.

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