Drug Props That Parents Should Watch Out For

Halloween parties are a reason for teens to dress up every which way, armed with a myriad of props and accessories. There are certain things, however, that parents should watch out for, especially if they are not exactly part of your teen’s Halloween get-up.

Halloween partyTeen parties – Halloween or otherwise – sometimes have unnecessary items on the menu; all-night dance parties are sometimes accompanied by rave or club drugs, such as ecstasy, ketamine GHB, Rohypnol and LSD, as shared by The Daily Courier’s Lisa Irish. Partying teens usually carry seemingly mundane items that are actually used in conjunction with these drugs, and it may be beneficial for parents to watch out for these paraphernalia.

One of the ordinarily harmless things that have become part of the drug scene is a pacifier. But then again, why will a 15-year-old need a pacifier to begin with? Sgt. Amy Bonney of the Community Section of the Prescott Police Department in Arizona shared the following with The Daily Courier: “Pacifiers are definitely associated with rave or club drugs like ecstasy, and teens use the pacifier to prevent the bruxism, or grinding of teeth, that comes from using the drugs.”

Another staple in rave parties are glow sticks; those who are high on ecstasy enjoy enhanced visual images from waving glow sticks.

Bonney also warned parents about Vicks VapoRub, which are usually paired with dust masks: “They’ll put the Vick’s VapoRub on their face and use a dust mask to enhance the feeling they get from inhaling the VapoRub.”

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