Paris Hilton’s Paid-to-Party Days on the Rocks

Paris Hilton’s run-in with the Las Vegas police Friday night has certainly stirred up controversy. Five days after, people are still talking about it.

Paris Hilton partyParis has reportedly denied that the cocaine is hers; based on details from police reports, it will seem that the cocaine came with the purse, which she also said was not hers (although she admitted ownership of the rest of its contents – such as cash and credit cards). One report even hinted that the heiress had said that the purse couldn’t possibly be hers because it was “too cheap,” although we have no information as to the accuracy of that rumor.

Ms. Hilton’s arrest may have an impact on her paid-to-party gig in Vegas, according to a feature on One of the perks of being Paris is that while ordinary mortals have to wait in line and hope against hope that they gain entry into a club, she gets paid to show up at a club and party. People sources reportedly shared that the heiress was paid $125,000 to have her 25th birthday bash at an unnamed Vegas club.

That might change, however, with Nevada keeping close tabs on liquor and gambling licenses. An unnamed club executive who has booked Ms. Hilton in the past shared: “Considering she’s busted for cocaine, people might assume that she’s going to the club either to use coke or she’s already on coke, and no club wants to be associated with that.”

Another Vegas insider in-the-know commented: “A club would want to book her because of the press it would generate right now, but it would never happen because no one wants to jeopardize gaming licensing or liquor licensing.”

Looks like it’s goodbye to six-figure pay checks – at least for now.

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