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Fake Urine to Beat Drug Tests Claims 100% Pass Rate

There are people who will do practically anything to beat drug tests, especially when their jobs are on the line. But at the back of our minds, we can’t help but think: instead of trying to find ways to cheat tests, why not simply refrain from taking drugs?

urine sampleA feature by AFP on The Sydney Morning Herald shared that there are retailers in New Zealand that sell synthetic urine to people who would like to beat drug tests for such substances as cannabis and ecstasy. The New Zealand Herald described the fake urine as something that has a similar chemical composition to real urine, and will help users get through drug tests that are imposed by employers.

Chris Fowlie, the owner of Hempstore, a shop in Auckland that sells synthetic urine, justified the product by saying: “Random drug testing goes against the Bill of Rights and the Privacy Act and violates the natural justice of presumption of innocence.”

The product, called “Quick Fix,” is offered on the Hempstore website. “Quick Fix” is pre-mixed synthetic urine, and it boasts of a 100 percent pass rate in drug tests in New Zealand. The product comes with a heating pad that brings the synthetic urine up to body temperature. Should anyone be watching while they are taking the tests, a pouring spout will make it look like the users are actually relieving themselves. The website even said: “With a bit of practice the pouring spout makes it look very realistic.”

A scientist from the Environmental Science and Research department, Paul Fitzmaurice, said that the fake urine is hard to distinguish from real urine; it did not, however, smell like real urine.

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Keeping Teens from Prescription Drug Abuse

With September 25 – National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – just a couple of days away, the country will be focused on keeping prescription drugs inaccessible to teens. The DEA’s document, Prescription for Disaster, gives a few things that parents can do, other than cleaning out medicine cabinets on take back day.

prescription drugsParents are encouraged to keep themselves informed, by learning about the prescription drugs that teenagers abuse. Parents ought to learn what these medicines are for, what they look like, what their effects and interactions are, and how teenagers are using these drugs. It is also important to understand the power and danger of these medicines.

Once parents are armed with enough information, they are encouraged to talk to their children about the things that they are experiencing in school and when they are spending time with their friends, and share what they have learned regarding the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Since prescription drugs are basically in the market to help people and can legitimately wind up in your home, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines that have been prescribed to you. What are their side effects? Are they potentially addictive? If, for any reason, you are prescribed with powerful medication, it is a good idea to keep them in a safe place that cannot be accessed by everyone in the house. You should also count your pills when you receive them at the pharmacy, and check the container periodically to see if there are any pills missing.

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Paris Hilton Refused Entry by Japan!

For a change, an heiress does not necessarily get away with everything. After dodging drug-related charges since this summer, Paris Hilton’s latest run-in with the law in Las Vegas caused problems in her travel to Japan, where she was refused entry.

Paris HiltonOver the summer, Paris was involved in a couple of marijuana-related incidents overseas. One happened while she was at the World Cup game between Brazil and the Netherlands in Port Elizabeth, South Africa; and the other was at a stop-over in Corsica, while travelling with friends aboard a private jet en route to Sardinia. On both occasions, she was able to get away scot-free and was not charged with anything. We have to give her the benefit of the doubt and conclude that she was, indeed, innocent.

The incident she found herself in recently, however, was different. On Monday, she pleaded guilty to cocaine possession charges before a court in Las Vegas, essentially admitting that the cocaine found in her purse was hers – something that she had initially denied.

On Tuesday, the heiress traveled to Japan on a business trip that had been planned “many months earlier,” according to her spokesman. Ms. Hilton’s spokesman went on to say: “Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn’t want to let down her brands and many Asian fans.” Japan, however, refuses entry to foreigners who are on probation, according to a report by CNN.

Ms. Hilton arrived in Japan on Tuesday and was allowed to spend the night, pending a decision by immigration officials regarding a request for reconsideration to their initial refusal to allow her entry into the country. Paris left Japan on Wednesday afternoon.

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Lindsay Lohan May Be Up for Jail Time Again!

Actress Lindsay Lohan may be headed for the slammer again, due to her failing court-mandated drug tests recently.

lindsay lohanLos Angeles defense attorney Trent Copeland gave the following comment to the New York Daily News: “There’s no question in my mind: she’s getting that 30-day jail sentence. (Her judge) took the unusual step of allowing her to be released from in-patient rehab early. Then within days she goes out and fails a drug test. She knew what she was risking.”

Ms. Lohan had tested positive for cocaine during a random drug test taken two weeks ago, and then failed a second test, which revealed amphetamines in her system. The random tests are part of the conditions handed down by the judge after her early release from rehab.

The Daily News had various sources, however, who said that Lindsay may not need to finish an entire 30-day sentence – should she get such a sentence – due to overcrowding, and for good behavior. She may actually end up spending only five days in jail.

Judge Elden Fox was informed about Ms. Lohan’s probation violation on Monday morning. Her probation has been revoked, and the judge has issued a no-bail bench warrant. She has a date with the court on Friday.

DUI attorney Paul Takakjian told the Daily News that the judge may hand down a sentence immediately: “If Judge Fox said on the record that she’d get 30 days for a dirty test, it’s highly unlikely she’ll receive anything less. He’d lose credibility… But he won’t exercise punitive control for the sake of being harsh. He’s one of the best judges we have and truly wants to help the people in his courtroom.”

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Kari Ann Peniche Opts for Real Rehab Then Bails

Former Miss Teen USA and Celebrity Rehab star Kari Ann Peniche did not have good things to share about Dr. Drew and Celebrity Rehab – and decided to seek help elsewhere.

Kari Ann PenicheIn a post on The Celebrity Café from more than a week ago, Peniche lashed out on the show and its resident doctor – f-bomb included. She said the show “f****d me up worse than before I got there,” and added that she wanted “real treatment” this time around. Peniche reportedly said: “This time I want to be in individualized treatment, I don’t want to do boot camp, I don’t want to be yelled at, I don’t want to be yelled at by other patients and I don’t want to say the serenity prayer.”

So, she decided to check herself into the Summit Rehab Center in Malibu, reportedly to get help for her addiction to crystal meth.

However, it seems that her conviction to get better was nowhere near strong enough. According to a post on TMZ, the former Playboy model lasted all of three days in the facility before she bailed.

A rep for Ms. Peniche reportedly told TMZ that her boyfriend had promised to follow her lead and check into the rehab facility as well. On the third day, however, the boyfriend still did not show up, so Kari Ann ended up leaving rehab to look for him. Her initial plan, though, involved staying in Summit for 30 days.

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Support the Drug-Free Work Week Campaign!

The use of illicit drugs, in general, does not mix in with any environment – whether you’re on the road, or at home, or having a vacation. The same thing holds true, of course, at work.

A week in the month of October is traditionally observed as Drug-Free Work Week, a public awareness campaign that places focus on the importance of steering clear of drugs on workplace safety. The campaign also serves as a way to encourage employees who have issues with drugs and alcohol to find help.

The United States Department of Labor shares information regarding taking part in Drug-Free Work Week, by conducting various activities towards a drug-free work environment.

Drug Free Workplace PolicyCompanies and organizations can use the observance of Drug-Free Work Week as a starting point for the implementation of a Drug-Free Workplace Program, at least if there is no program in place yet. A tool called the Drug-Free Workplace Advisor Program Builder can help organizations in developing a program that will suit their needs and apply to their work environment.

For those who already have such a Program, then Drug-Free Work Week can be a good time to promote the program and perform an evaluation regarding how the program has been doing so far. It may also be a good time to remind employees about the importance of a drug-free workplace to their safety while on the job.

Other great activities to plan for are training sessions for supervisors on the company’s drug and alcohol policy; an information-dissemination effort for employees regarding the nature of drug and alcohol use and its negative impact on the workplace; and conducting a review on the company’s health insurance policy, specifically available provisions for substance abuse treatment.

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