Kentucky Moms Join in Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse

Two Kentucky moms who lost their young daughters to prescription drug abuse are lending a helping hand in the fight against prescription drug abuse, according to a feature on the

Lynn Kissick lost her 22-year-old daughter Savannah to an overdose of painkillers and sedatives, while Karen Shay lost her 19-year-old daughter Sarah to a methadone overdose.

prescription drugsKissick and Shay are reaching out to teens via the presentation of their stories in a video that is making the rounds of high schools in the state. The video is part of a public awareness campaign, through the joint efforts of the Kentucky attorney general’s office, Kentucky Justice Cabinet, Kentucky Pharmacists Association, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators and Operation UNITE. The first showing was held at the Western Hills High School in Frankfort last Thursday.

Kissick shared: “It can happen, and it does happen, and it will happen… One time, and it can kill you.” Shay, on the other hand, urged teens to ensure that their families do not go through the pain that prescription drug abuse may bring: “Children are supposed to live longer than their parents, so when you go before us, it leaves a huge, huge hole.”

Van Ingram, executive director for the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, shared that studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 20 percent of teens in the state have admitted to using prescription pills for recreational purposes. He shared further that 530 people died due to prescription drug overdose last year.


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