Lindsay Lohan Up for Early Release from Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan may not need to finish the full ninety days of rehab required of her, according to a post on That certainly is nice to hear, but we can only hope that this is not being done prematurely and that the actress is truly free from whatever excesses she may have in her system.

Lindsay LohanThe revelation was said to have come from prosecutor Danette Mayers, prosecutor for Ms. Lohan’s case. shared the following statement from Mayers: “My understanding from conversations with Shawn Chapman Holley is that Miss Lohan could be released early from the treatment facility. It is looking as if that is what the health care professionals are going to recommend. How much earlier she could be released I’m unsure of at this point.”

Mayers indicated that she will adhere to what health care professionals will recommend for Ms. Lohan, which may include follow-up treatment.

Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to ninety days of jail time and rehab in July by Judge Marsha Revel, due to violating the terms of her probation. She was said to have missed alcohol education classes required of her as part of her probation on charges of drunken driving and cocaine possession leveled against her in 2007. Judge Revel has recused herself from the case.

She only served 13 days out of her ninety day sentence due to overcrowding. Lindsay then entered rehab at the UCLA Medical Center.

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay’s attorney, told RadarOnline that Lindsay “looks healthy” and “is looking forward to returning to work.”

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