Prescription for Disaster: Parents’ Guide to Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has, over the years, taken various forms, and has involved various substances. One of the substances that have gained popularity among teenagers in recent years is prescription drugs, and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration continues its efforts to combat it.

prescription for disasterA feature on Star Tribune shared one of the tools that the DEA hopes to use against prescription drug abuse among teenagers. A guide entitled “Prescription for Disaster: How Teens Abuse Medicine,” provided by the DEA and downloadable online, provides a better understanding of prescription drug abuse among teenagers, including information that can help identify the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are being abused by teens. Parents who would like to learn more about prescription drug abuse can certainly benefit from the document.

One of the things mentioned in the introductory pages of the document is that prescription and over-the-counter drugs have even edged out marijuana as the “gateway drug” among teens.

Also discussed is the role that the Internet plays in prescription drug abuse. Apart from the existence of certain prescription drugs in their own homes, some teenagers have turned to the Internet to acquire prescription drugs, or to get information about abusing prescription drugs. This includes information such as how much of a drug to use, the combinations of drugs that “work best,” as well as the sensations that the abuser can expect to feel.

The guide also warns against illegal pharmacies that operate on the Internet, where teenagers can get prescription drugs; it also provides suggestions regarding what parents can do.

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