The Circle in That ‘70s Show

That ‘70s Show is an American sitcom that debuted on the FOX television network in 1998 and lasted for eight seasons. It focused on the lives of a group of teenagers who lived in the fictional town of Point Place in Wisconsin towards the end of the 1970s, specifically from May 17, 1976 until December 31, 1979.

Some of the things that the decade in its title was known for were incorporated into the storyline, such as the difficulties of dealing with recession, feminism, liberated sexual attitudes, and of course teenage drug abuse. And let us not forget a fixation for a certain movie series called Star Wars.

The CircleOne of the signature elements of the show is a scene dubbed as “The Circle.” In the scene all the teenaged main characters are seated in a circle and talking to each other; the setting is usually the character Eric Forman’s basement. The camera is usually spun in a circular direction, making a stop at each character when he or she speaks.

Although it is not obviously stated, the demeanor of the actors when they are in The Circle implies to the audience that the teenagers are under the influence of marijuana. One will notice smoke in the background and stoned facial expressions from the characters; a “drugged” feel is simulated for the audience through the use of an extreme wide-angle lens.

Despite having that scene as a signature element, the show is careful about visibly showing cannabis and paraphernalia for cannabis use. Characters hardly ever utter any term for marijuana except when accompanied by a negative connotation.

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