Judge Rules for Deposition of Lindsay Lohan in 2007 Car Chase

Judge Richard A. Stone of the Los Angeles Superior Court has ruled that actress Lindsay Lohan should undergo a two-hour deposition next month to answer questions regarding the 2007 car chase she was allegedly involved in. The ruling was handed down on Thursday according to a report by the Associated Press. The deposition will include questions regarding her drug use at that time.

Lindsay LohanThe answers that will be provided by Ms. Lohan will be used in a civil lawsuit that was filed against her which accuses her of causing the complainant – Tracie Rice – emotional distress.

Lindsay Lohan was said to be involved in a car chase in July 2007. Tracie Rice was a passenger in the car that Lindsay allegedly chased. A month after the incident, Rice sued the actress for “assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” A trial for the case has been scheduled for late July. Lindsay has since been charged with seven misdemeanors due to the chase as well as another incident before that.

Paul Hoffman, lawyer for Tracie Rice, said: “This case is about somebody who claims to be sober and had cocaine and blew a DUI for alcohol.” The questions that Lindsay will answer during the deposition, he claims, will be important in the decision of the jury as to whether the actress will have to pay punitive damages.

Ed McPherson, lawyer for Lindsay Lohan, however, is in the opinion that the questions seem to be geared towards embarrassing Lindsay in the press.

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